Outbound programme experience

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My day started with swelled up eyes. At 6:15 a.m., we all gathered for Surya Shibir trip and started taking photographs. For the first time, we were separated as a division. “Antakshri” was the ice breaker as well as the first competition amongst us. After reaching Surya Shibir, the series of competitions continued. We were again divided as different groups and name tags were given by OUT-FIT team members.

First round of team building was the introduction. That day I realized, recognizing and remembering was difficult. In 5 minutes, we had to memorize names and faces of 12 different people whom we just met. Name Tags were the real helpers while playing ball game in which we had to throw ball by shouting person’s name. After that, we were asked to name our team and we all agreed to “Spartans”. Team of strangers had to compete with another team of strangers for some points. We played Chariot Race and Back to Future. That day was not of Spartans, we almost won the games but, at the end our team was disqualified.

In the game Cobweb, we had to pass through different levels of strings. In Sheep shepherd, we had to direct our team mates through whistle. This program was designed so beautifully that each game taught a lesson. We understood risk management, importance of team and communication, and working whole as a team by these practical examples. Most adventurous part of that day was valley crossing. Night was fun with skits and dance performances.

Next day, we went for trekking. My inspiration for trekking was Mangoes at the hill-top as mentioned by the Col. Milkha Singh ran for milk and I trekked for Mangoes. Richa and I started the voyage with many selfies. As we trekked up, till we crossed halfway, I did not find mark of mangoes and got pissed off. I started calling Naman as “Mangoman” because he promised me to bring mangoes. Whole journey was about to end and all 200 members got to know about my love for mangoes but, we did not find one. Just before completion, I was in heaven. There were so many mango trees around me. I took mangoes as much as I could.

Final session was of creativity and I liked it the most. We designed a banner for SCIT to attract foreign students to our college. I was blind-folded between the task and that was the surprise element. We clicked pictures with banner and said adios to OUT-FIT team.

I enjoyed each and every moment and made so many new friends in the 2 day trip. I will cherish all these memories for the life time.