Outbound Programm Experience

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Hi All,

This is my first time of writing a blog. I am going to write about the Outbound Programm Experience. Those two days were really awesome. When we started, I felt like all alone. The reason for that is I can’t speak properly in Hindi. I want to change that feel. So I tried to mingle with everyone. Section wise we were asked to board the bus. When we started, I was sitting in the front seat with my roommate. While travelling, we started playing antakshari, I tried to participate in that but then again Hindi came as a barrier. After some time they dropped the game and started chatting with each other. Then we reached surya shibir. OUTFIT team which comprises of 8 members welcomed us. They divided us into groups. I was in a group of 12 members, and we were given a room. And the trainers asked us to assemble in the Kala munch(which is a kind of an auditorium). From there it started.

First Day:

As we assembled in the Kala munch they gave a brief description about the OUTFIT team and then they divided girls and boys into 8 batches. I was there in the first batch. It’s called as A batch. We started with trekking. The trekking distance is more than 5KM in mountain. There we got an opportunity to mingle with others. After that we had a lunch break. The next session was Ice breaker. There we are grouped into three members and we were asked to interview each other. And we need to draw the carry catcher of the person whom we interviewed. After that we need to introduce the person whom we interviewed to everyone. This made us to identify so many talents in us and in others. After that we had an event called chill out, where each team will get 10 minutes, we can perform whatever we want. As we are the first team we need to start the event. But we were 3 minutes late. So we were not able to perform all the things what we had practiced. This thought us the Punctuality. With this the first day of surya shibir ends.

Second Day:

We were asked to assemble in the cafeteria by 6.30 for Tea. As we were 12 in the room we woke up by 5.30, and got ready in an hour and went for the activity. All the events took place on the day were team activities. Our A team is again divided into 2(A1 and A2). I was in A2. The team events are like the competitions between the teams A1, A2, B1 and B2. First was a chariot game, which thought us about the importance of planning. Next is the Ball balancing which thought us the importance of coordination. Third is the Back to future which shows us how to strategies, then the last is Human Chain, which showed the importance of TEAM WORK.
After this we had another game which showed wining is not the only motive. And it showed the importance of team work as well. After this we had a break of half an hour for breakfast. Then there was a cattle and shepherd game which showed that life is not as easy as we think. Next was a game of saving a hostage from the enemy territory. This game thought me about the LEADERSHIP which we need to take and how a leader should be. Next were some individual volunteering activities which were fun to do. After that we had lunch break. Then we were asked to assemble in the Kala munch for the poster making. During this event they again divided us into random groups. In the middle of the designing process, they came and tied the hands, eyes, and mouth of the team members who are actively participating, to make all the team members to work. Finally we presented our poster which had a new logo, slogan, Mission and vision of SCIT. With this all the events were completed. This is the day which gave me so much of positive energy.

At the end of those two days I learned so many things such as Time management, team work, Leadership, etc. And this also helped me to mingle with the other students. Thanks a lot to SCIT for arranging such a wonderful program.