Outbound programme experience

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Published On: July 6, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Outbound programme experience

WOW! What an incredible day it was!.. Our 2 day trip to Surya Shibir started at sharp 6 am from SCIT campus when all bunch of new faces got into their respective buses with no idea what was going to be there at Surya Shibir in plate for them!
Finally at Surya Shibir, everybody was thrilled to see such a beautiful place amidst of peaceful greenery, steep mountains, and small lakes around. Soon thereafter we all started our first outdoor activity which was Trekking! Sun was at peak, and with every forward step we were getting close to it! What a steep mountain that was! But when we actually have company of our new enthusiastic classmates nothing really matters…isn’t it? Everybody helped each other while trekking and in accomplishing our target. It definitely helped us know many amongst us.
Thereafter, we also played many games which helped us in team building, made us focus on our targets, in developing smart strategies by considering our constraints and resources at the same time.
Many experienced the thrill of valley crossing as well by balancing ourselves mere on rope! It was overall an amazing experience.
Not just physical activities but Surya Shibir also made us encounter some real life business scenarios which challenged our creativity and presence of mind.
Of course how can one not mention about the tasty, yummy, healthy meals which were offered to us which kept us going on throughout our tiring non-stop trip.
Thanks to SCIT for organising such a beautiful trip which proved to be an excellent ice breaker to one and all!! πŸ™‚