Our Culture is Decaying

By Administrator 123erty

Published On: August 5, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Our Culture is Decaying

I Think, culture is a thing which shows our strength that how much potential we have to adopt a new thing. Most of the time change play a very decisive role to one’s development I would like to appreciate those things which is good for your development and also as we all know that western culture is known as a rename of all type of development and large group of people not only in India as well as the whole world would like to adopt the western culture and nothing is wrong with it. Culture defines our relation, behavior and attitude towards self, family society and place we are living. Now our place has got its own identity and spectra of thoughts, ideas, living style and history and all this undoubtedly make a strong base for culture.
Now in India my understanding of culture is to respect elders, love fellow beings and lend a helping hand to every needy and perform the rituals and to my surprise I find every society has the same culture.
By listening to your thoughts, above culture is understood more in terms of physical and materialistic approach. Culture is more defined in terms of our attachments to our roots, the way our attitude is towards life, our understanding, acceptance with other cultures and the respect we pay to every other thing that we don’t follow and perform in our culture. For example. A person writes a statement in his wall that “please don’t spit there” to protect his wall or to keep his wall clean. But Indian people don’t think about his statement, and start doing this bad activity because they have’t got tolerance capacity, they think that we are perfect and powerful in this world.
Culture is certainly not decaying. In India we call adoption of western culture as decay of our own culture. But whatever we are adopting is totally for the convenience of the work we do. Lets take example of women police, she has to be active and fast in her work. Hence shirt-pant is the best uniform which will prove convenient for her. Thus, culture can be best defined as running water i.e. to adopt newer changes and continue its flow. If culture sticks to its place like stagnant water, its obvious that people will run away from the decaying and offensive smelling pond. Thus, our culture is on a right path and its modernization should not be taken as its decay.