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Marriage is an entity of benign omens and configurations made in the heaven, performed on the earth. It’s a gracious threshold to unification of two souls and of two families. As a prime religious ceremony, its zenith lies in a father’s courage to give away his piece of heart, his daughter in a poised and sacred alliance to another man as her better half. Also known as “Kanya daan” in Hindu wedding, it’s the father of the bride that offers his daughter for marriage on a promise that the groom shall perform his duties as a husband according to the vedic (religious) hymns recited during the ceremony. For a father indeed this is a moment of peak emotions as he fondly remembers the time when he cuddled his little daughter in his arms, rode her on his strong back, was swept away by her fascinating innocence, hugged her when she had a nightmare or a problem just to see that little girl leave to a different destination one day! It must take a father’s breath away to give away his child with such deep feelings and subconscious fear for his daughter’s well being in her new life.

From invoking loud chants to seven divine circuits of the holy fire (as in Hinduism), marriage is an inception of blushing emotions and a moment of joy as the bride and the groom decide to walk their journey together.

If this tradition we practice over centuries in India then why does the holy fire turn into bride’s pyre? Why are some newly weds brides estranged, silently suppressed, emotionally harassed and in worst cases abused and burned to death? Is being religious, devotional to god through fasting and pilgrimages taught us to suck a father’s blood through dowry if he wants to see his daughter settled and happy? When shall we cease inequalities between daughters and daughter-in-laws that cause us to be intellectually, emotionally and religiously immobile to practice what we learn from holy prayers and scriptures? Are those people who are ready to bargain their son today, also ready to bargain their own daughter tomorrow?

These are some questions that certainly dismay parents in India and abroad as their daughters turn marriageable or are in a marital relationship. If we still wait for someone else then this vicicous cycle is not broken .Today it’s happening to someone else daughter. Tomorrow it could happen to you and your daughter.

Just think about it!
Let marriage remain a social institution, a spiritual unification and not a daunting auction. Say No To Dowry.

rohit gedam-SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015