Life in SCIT

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Classes : 8 am to 8 pm…They somehow never seem to come to an end…even if there’s only one class throughout the day

Dinner : till 10 pm hangout with friends..time flies by…don’t know why!

FB \Wats App\ Calls: 2 hrs…Somebody once told me… MBA is about networking…you do need to be present on the social radar..

12 am : realise have to finish the 2 assignments , prepare for next days lecture , complete tasks assigned ( various extra-curricular activities) and go to sleep .

Finally switch on the laptop

12am to 1 am: Online shopping…Every girls weakness…there seems to be a sale going on even on discounted items

Freaked out & mentally make a note of not procrastinating any tasks in the future.

1.30 am – 3 am finish assignments & tasks , go through study material for the morning class, confirm deadlines for assignments

3 am finally when you can’t stay awake any more… crash on the bed but before that drop messages to roommates…one never realises hitting snooze on the alarms…


And then the circle again continues….Therefore




They say Paretos rule is omnipresent…


Shruti Gupta

(MBA-ITBM 2013-15)