My First Day @ SCIT…

By Administrator 123erty


In Life, many things come and go,

But very few get a special row

College life again, is a start of new phase,

With courage many problem has to face

Don’t try to chase everything as you run,

If you believe, those things get turn.

Have courage, Have patience, Have faith on your dream,

N SCIT is the correct platform to give your life a wonderful theme… 🙂


After a long gap of 2 year, live college life again is more of challenge and same as the enjoyment. Starting from the application to the final selection each thing went with smooth pace. Still there are many uncertainties as we human have the view to see half glass empty on priority.

It says, “High Name comes with a High Class” but Symbiosis is the University whose Name as well as Class is high and its because of the down to earth people over here. Starting from the admission department to security person everyone is so cooperative and helpful that actually create this Symbiosis , a family and I am glad to be part of this family.

I don’t remember my first day when I entered into this campus as I used to work at phase-2 and it was easy for me to visit college anytime for any specific query.

But as being a SCITian, I remembered 4th June, the first day at SCIT, where I met many new people. Though the place is familiar for me, the people to whom I met become more familiar. I introduced to many new faces but the introduction start with the question ‘Why you were not there on Watsapp And Facebook group?’ and end with the answer of the same.

With the same new faces, we all gathered at assembly hall and there it became almost a challenge to identify those faces again as boys were in similar white shirts and girls in Indian attire.

After finishing the challenging task, the real task began i.e to focus on your aim and to accomplish it, one should have fire in once belly.

It was a pleasure to listen the people from stage.

Starting with Dr. Raman who guided us with the thin line differentiation between distraction and interruption which are the main obstacle of success. And with wonderful demo and analysis, taught us how to prioritize the things in once life to be at the Right most place which is but obvious with more success and satisfaction .I used to be great at planning or I think many people are there in the same category  but failed at execution.  The first speech itself motivated us how to fill the gap between planning and execution.

Besides, the inspirational stories from Rajani mam and motivation for entrepreneurship from Vidya mam lightened up the environment with real values of management.

The one who has experienced the things better, is at better place to express it. The words from Technocrat Abhilash, the CEO of Citrix, enriched us with the real meaning of Learning and Integrity. One has to learn how to learn which will help one to achieve the desired things at good pace.

The food at mess is with good variety but taste is not comparable with home- made food. This could be the only reason for which we actually missing our real home. But with the human tendency we will be used to with it soon.

Till this time I am at the stage to recognize some faces with the help of my roomies but the challenging task was the team building activities which are more of binding and more of finding new qualities within oneself.

During the activities, I encountered many things as how to embark the communication, how to tackle the team where each member was unknown to you and you need to finish an unknown task with the known time limit.

Actually the game was IIT( Innovation and Implementation with Technique)  which was nothing but the Roman Launcher.

Each thing which we performed was actually building up our managerial skills and making us more adaptable to this changing world.

The real fun began after the sessions when I was now able to recognize many more people by myself. After dinner we had a lot of masti, hungama in the evening  at cafeteria, hostel rooms.

It gives immense happiness to make new friends and enjoy the moments with them which we cherished long life. I am damn sure there are many more such moments to come and I am already wholehearted about it.

The first day was over but the memories are still wondering in mind. Every First thing in life has special place which the First Day @ SCIT held firmly.

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