My first day in Symbiosis campus

By Administrator 123erty

Selection in SCIT was undoubtedly a happy momeny. Yet, as the day for my joining drew closer, the uncertainties about life on a new campus began haunting my nights. I spoke to the seniors of the college which were really soft spoken & ensured me that my future is in the safe hands, in the hands of SCIT!!.I travelled all the way to Pune to confirm my seat on 4th june 2015-Unforgettable day of my Life! The moment I stepped in the SCIT all the anxieties were replaced by a new and positive enthusiasm. I got very nice room mates and friends here.My parents were here with me for the induction ceremony day…which was unforgettable…They were leaving on the second day of induction.with tears in my eyes i said good bye to them..but as soon i turned back i saw my NEW friends standing for me..:)..Outbound programme also helped us to know each other well and whose experience is unforgettable…!!!. I am truly very happy to be a part of the SCIT !!!!