My First Day in Symbiosis Campus

By Administrator 123erty

It was 2nd June 2015 when I took a cab from Pune station and arrived at Symbiosis InfoTech campus. It was a different feeling from the earlier one (when I came earlier for the interview).  5 acres of land which is a home to two great institutes of Symbiosis University that are SCIT and SCMHRD. Surrounded by all the big names in the corporate world, the atmosphere here at SIU was a blend of halcyon and fun. At first, I was denied entry into SIU campus as I was a first year student and needed to complete my hostel formalities. So after completing the same, I entered the SIU campus. All round the campus I could see undergraduates dressed in formals going for their respective lectures. I was in casuals, observing the trends and practices followed in corporate culture, over here. A fantastic fountain, lush green grass in the gardens, superb swimming pool, gigantic gym, patterned playground and an idolized institution would perfectly describe the campus amenities. I saw a lot of signboards saying: “Out of bound area of boys/girls”. Well these signboards depicted the homelike hostels for boys and girls.

It was really grateful of Symbiosis administrators to provide guest rooms of hostel, for accommodation of parents. In the afternoon, I witnessed a very important part of the campus i.e. The Dining Halls. Students came to the dining hall for lunch as a hiatus in the ongoing lectures. Cleanliness in the Hall and Hygiene in the food seemed to be the two mottos there. I realized that it was a home to heterogeneous students from all over India and also from some other parts of the world. Dr. S.B.Mujumdar truly believed in “Divided by Nations, United by Education”. After lunch, I strolled in the campus to witness other specialties of the campus. Soon I found the “Madison Square” of this campus i.e. the “Graffiti” stage and imagined myself doing a street play some day. Later at night, I sat on the stairs of SIU campus, seeing students playing guitar and singing the popular Bollywood songs. I felt as if “Music was the strongest form of magic” that helped me in relaxation. Again the dinner served at the campus was delicious with some mouthwatering sweets. After dinner, I took a walk with my Father outside the campus and had a rigorous discussion on future prospects and life @ SCIT. The day ended with a lot of Excitement, Energy and Emotions.