My first day in symbiosis campus

By Administrator 123erty

My First Day at symbiosis campus The rain was pounding against my window as I woke up ‘ungodly’ hour of 7.It was bad enough that I had to be there for 9:30 AM.It was best feeling in the world.As I finally dragged my self out of the comfort and security of my bed, I felt cold and rushed to get shower shower.I didn’t really want to go,but something inside me told me I should; it would be for the best.Today wasn’t just my first day at college;it was the start of journey.I will always remember that lost feeling. As I walked into the auditorium hall. Every sit was taken. Now the welcome program starts in which director of SCIT introduces the dignitaries and staff . They welcomed us and briefing about the facilities in SCIT . we have given 1 hour lunch break.the program completed around 4 PM in the evening. As i move towards the hostel thinking of director words how SCIT help us to achieve our goal. Than get to the room for rest. I felt good and have unforgettable experience of First Day at SCIT.