Outbound programme experience

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It gives me immense pleasure to express myself on my very first. Outbound programme of my new life @Symbiosis.

As it the motto of Symbiosis is mutual. Caring and care for oneself and others,form networks among students,alumni,teachers and work professionals.So an outbound programme like “SuryaShibhir” really comes handy in breaking up the ice break between the unknowns and form a bonding of trust,coordination among the people whom one met few days back only .A bonding which cant b seen even if stayed for longer time.

Coming to the experience, the day started with reporting time quite too  early in morning.The students. Were divided. And seated in bus according to their respective. Divisions.after a long. Journey. Of 40km in 2hour or little more we reached. Our destination,a cool nice place in Western Ghats,the camping point,Suryashibhir.

We all were super excited in reaching the camping point and with turns and zig zag route some felt dizzy but seeing the destination and beauty all were thrilled and mesmerised. We all were welcomed by Retd.Captain Vibash Sir and his teammates collectively working as “Outfit” . His team was a blend of army retired personnel as well as corporate people like Mr Ganesh.The “Outfit” has served SCIT students for the last 4years and inculcate the managerial duties in them.

After a brief intro we were given our rooms which were shared with other members too.Soon we were called for the breakfast and after it a briefing Was done about what the program is and what it is needed to done.Following it groups were made with 12-13 members with boys and girls almost equally divided.Half of the total groups were taken for trek and other Half groups were taken. For games in their arena. Only.

I Was in second group so we had games on first day and trek n other activities on other day.The first. Day started with an introduction game followed by subdivision of groups in two.The newly divided groups were made to compete with each other in games that were following.The first game was chariot making in which two members were required  to make chariot and third member whom was required to carry and this was followed till all the members of team had taken the ride.Unfortunately our team lost and  same games were followed like this and we lost three games. In a row. And this was really bad for us, our team felt lost but as they say wait for climax  and so we also waited and for the last and important game that had highest of all the points of other previous games came the rope race and we complete team efforts and coordination we won the highest rated game and felt very good cause we all worked complete. Team.

Like this other team games followed which was mixture of wins and losses.The strategy. Game that followed.was. Best all of games played on that day.finally a adventure games was saved. In box for us and we were taken to that point where we did. Flying fox n valley crossing with the help of harness n hook n ropes and a great day full of adventures come to an end but certainly this was not end.The “Outline” team had something special. For us for night, they instructed all the groups for preparation. For skid or small act.

various groups presented different different. Acts according. To thier thinking and judgement.A great show was presented by all the groups.Hence a great day came to an end followed by dinner.

The very next day again we need to wake up early morning as we all were going for the trek strecthing 6kms.Wow! Was the first  word came from our mouth. Seeing. The beauty. And height of the mountains needed to climb up.We All started from the source point and by any means we were at top of the hill eating. And enjoying wild berries .Since I had previous experience. Of trek and belonging to hilly region I was almost leading and was with the leader of the group. The best part. Of the trek was coming down.It was hilly terrain with loose soil so little difficult. To get down.But we helped each other And got down.

After this we had another activity in which we needed to introduce each other  person and tell everything we can learn from them and other group partner will draw the caricature of other member.Finally post lunch a banner design competition was organised in which each team had to draw the banner for @SCIT.After this prizes. Of best group team was organised and after head counts we were on bus back for college.

The event inculcated a sense of brotherhood,understanding,trust and coordination among the team members which can not be judged or can be introduced with other ways better than the outbound experience.Thanks. SCIT for the awesome thought of a program which the best way of knowing each other.