My First Day in Symbiosis campus

By Administrator 123erty

Being excited about the fact that I had being taken as an SCITian, I decided to reach campus on the first day itself. I entered the hostel campus in the afternoon. With me there were a few students, some were unloading while some were sitting on chairs registering for the hostel rooms. After finishing up with the registration me and my parents went up to see my room. Room was clean and spacious. Three bed spread across the wide room and 3 study tables in front. I was the first to enter before my roommates. Me and my parents had a little chat as to how should I try to manage myself, as this was the first time I was going to be living in a hostel. I chose a bed and then we decided to go to lunch. My brother and mother and me being curious entered the huge looking sports arena which included basketball court, volleyball court, cricket practise nets hung. After that we had lunch and my parents dropped me at the hostel and waved me good bye with a bit of care and happiness. The day went in unpacking. In the evening one of my roommate arrived with his parents. We talked about the college and got to know each other and then went to bed at night.
The other day I went to college for registration. The college is situated at 10 minutes walking distance from the hostel between all the IT giants. Felt good to see the clean corporate area around the college. The campus consisting of swimming pool, gym, auditorium and big sports arena the main centre of attraction were beautiful enough to hold me off. Besides that other small places like Xerox shop, general store, Atm, were there in the campus itself. The College and hostel Mess were other places I visited on my first day. That’s pretty much how my first day in symbiosis college was