Machine Learning and Industry Usage

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Published On: September 25, 2020Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Machine Learning and Industry Usage

As the series of guest lecturers are proceeding enthusiastically, the students had an opportunity to attend another interactive and most awaited lecture on the topic of “Machine Learning and Industry Usage” by Mr Vikas Malhotra. He has completed his masters in management of information system from Texas A&M University, US. He is currently working as a full-time senior data scientist at Red Ventures and has a total work experience of 9 years. Mr Vikas Malhotra started his lecture by introducing about the core concept of machine learning and its contributing features such as machine translation, strategies, problem-solving skills etc and how these skills are required to succeed in our chosen careers as part of e- GL series on 19th September 2020.

The session was an interactive one from the get-go. Mr.Vikas Malhotra spoke about the various aspects of why machine learning is important and is needed. He shared about the various industries such as health care, insurance sectors, financial sector, retail, telecom & utility industries which uses machine learning algorithm techniques to optimize the efforts of both the users and the organisation.

He addressed the students about the challenges that a data scientist faces while working on machine learning in a real-time scenario and how to approach the same. He added that as students of data science and data analysis, we are well-positioned to take challenges by thinking out of the box, its cognitive measures, innovations, applications and most importantly the algorithm which we will be working on machine learning which should be adaptive as technology always evolves in its best colours.

During the session, he shared his insights on a funnel tree design which is followed by every other organization called Digital Market Sales Funnel Design that is a well-defined structure followed by action to decision to interest and finally the client and explained the process how it worked by providing the solution steps by steps.

Mr Vikas Malhotra concluded the session by encouraging the students to take up a few online courses and get skilled on required tools. He has also encouraged the students to take up a few activities that can be experimenting, engaging, exploring, empowering in the field of machine learning and its implementations that can be beneficial for the aspiring data scientists. This session paved a path for the students to brighten their future.

On a concluding note, the session was overall insightful for all the students and the event ended with few Q&As where Mr Vikas Malhotra addressed the queries from the students.