Learning the amazing ART OF LIVING at SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

Yes+ program at SCIT was an awesome experience for all of us. Yes+ is Youth Empowerment Seminar plus which is a part of The Art of Living program founded by Sri Sri Ravishankar.


On 1st day of Yes+, we had a nice conversation with Mr. Manish Nasa on the subject of Life, Work and Problems in routine life. Manish revealed some secrets about how to be joyful and blissful in this stressful environment. The day started with a game in which everyone has to say every other person that “I belong to you.”. We found it little strange but the secret behind it was yet to be revealed. Manish taught us to live in the Present and keep reminding ourselves about living in the present each and every time we take a breath. We also learnt some Prayanams like Bhastrika etc. Until today.the essence of breath never effected our conscience.We never knew Why it is so important to breath for purification of soul and mind. On day 1 we learnt how to feel each and every breath and how to take it in right manner. Most of us don’t take breath to the  stomach but Manish told us that when you actually take a breath, it should go deep to stomach.


On the 2nd and 3rd day, we interacted with Manish and Mr. Dinesh Ghodke. Dinesh Ghodke is a fantastic person having peace of mind reflecting on his face and persona. He shared lots of knowledge about Time management and giving time to work which is not urgent but very important. He also taught us 5 sources of Energy (Freshness) 1. Sleep 2. Breath 3. Food 4. Knowledge. And One secret source is 5. Bath in Cold Water.


Sudarshan Kriya

The heart of Art of living and Yes+ program was SudarshanKriya. It was the first experience for many of us. We were very much anxious about sudarshan Kriya on that day.  Sudarshan Kriya lasted for almost 1hr. During SudarshanKriya, many people felt different experiences. Many felt pain , strain in muscles and a lot of sweat. The experience of 45 min of Sudarshan Kriya was unforgettable, After SudarshanKriya, we were  asked to lie down and almost 30% people  fell asleep. After Sudarshan Kriya , we felt as if we were in different world with  fresh thoughts and a zeal to live life to its fullest. We felt like having no negativities around  us as if  the world has got a different meaning altogether.  The impact of the kriya totally  changed the thought process and made us feel calm , relaxed and full of energy. It is told that Sudarshankriya energizes your brain to work 4 times better than before . There is a lot of research going on  all over the world to find the reason behind the secret of effects of SudarshanKriya.

On the 4th day we did some Surya Namashkara along with some asana and routine exercises. The day became very precious for us as we met Dr. Khurshed Batliwala.  He is an amazing person having answers of all questions. We had good question and answer session with him. He also explained the science of Ganesh Puja.  We again had sudarshan Kriya and some more games.


On Last day, we played many games and performed many activities. One of the most important games I still remember was Knowing your self or if I put it correctly it was meeting your self.  In that activity , you are allowed to dance anyhow and in anyway on different music. The concept behind this was to bring yourself out of yourself and forget about others. Many of us often avoid doing many good stuff only because of the fear of the impression we would create on others. But this game pointed out  weaknesses and made us realize what we were lacking while giving presentation in front of class. We all danced randomly keeping our eyes closed. We were also told to choose partner and tell them our dream and ask for encouragement.

Like every moment, this moment also passed. Amazing life changing   5 days passed and we paid adios to Yes+ team with heavy heart. Finally on the 5th day we realized the meaning of the words “I belong to you”. Many B – school teach corporate lessons but very few teaches lessons for life. SCIT is among those few. Thanks SCIT for giving us opportunity to attend Yes+ program.



SCIT 2012-14