Ideas of Social Networking Management @SCIT – GREAT FUN!

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One evening I was just pondering over the topic on which i want to write a blog.Couldnt think of any so just went on thinking for an hour and asked myself a question why blogging? What makes a blogger keep on going writing more and more? The answers could be many but the real thing is a blogger apart from improving ones vocab and communication skills end up attaining some fame if his blogs are worth reading .So blogging can turn out to be a good mode of promoting yourself but it is just a small portion of social media marketing. There is a whole new virtual world inside that box which is slowly penetrating into our lives and so we end up spending much of our time on facebook, twitter ,orkut, youtube and other social networking sites. In this modern era of socialising where chats happen not over a cup of coffee but on webcams, blackberry messengers and pings. Laughter and smiles have been replaced by lmao, lol and smileys. Well i am not a psychologist nor any social media analyst, I am just a normal guy who loves spending time on Facebook. As soon as I am on the internet ,the first thing i search on google engine is fb and twitter. It is like an obsession for me. I realize that each day on an average I end up spending 4 hours chatting with my friends ,checking my updates, watching troll pages while chatting with my friends, I also end up shopping something on jabong, myantra or flipkart, paying my phone bills and getting updates on all the latest happenings around me. I have also subscribed to few famous personalities, political parties and even my hometown. There is also a whole new world for gamers who want to play online games .The important thing to notice is how the organizations, personalities, events and many other entities end up creating their brand image ,promoting and marketing their products on social media. Facebook and Twitter not only offer you a medium of socialising and expressing yourself, it also enhances your knowledge skills and even humour. Sites like Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter help you increase your connectivity .For instance i Have joined SAP, SECURIT and marketinomics where i get a lot of information related to current trends in market. Social media has emerged as a great weapon of promoting any brand and SCIT as a brand is using the virtues to create awareness not only amongst B-school aspirants but also amongst students, faculties, alumni and several organizations.

The social media culture is slowly entering a sweet comfort zone for SCITians as well as many aspiring B-school aspirants nowdays. Even though this trend has its beginning few years back but the real leap is being implemented since past 2 years. It has not been too long when SCIT 2011-13 batch created history by  posting a video on youtube of SCITians dancing to the tunes of “Why this Kolaveri di”. The video was appreciated by one and all and was a smashing hit with over 1.5 lakhs viewers which is a great achievement. Being an SCITian i have the privilege to be part of groups like SCIT2012-14 batch, SCIT Alumni, Symbiosis centre for information technology, SCIT Eklavya, SCIT SSR, SCIT SproutIT and even some SCIT trolls. I have observed a general trend that a lot of happenings in SCIT is conveyed to me through notifications on Facebook .I even made my best buddies 3 months before joining the college on Facebook. This way of socialising gave me a great platform to understand them and make sure that I feel a lot more comfortable even before joining the college. The fabulous initiatives by SCIT like Graffiti , SproutIT, Drishtikon, SoccerSplash, Eklavya, SSR and many more events and committees are open for all and are successfully promoted through Facebook and Twitter. It is great to see the whole army of SCITians promoting the events and happenings in the college along with socialising. For 2013-15 batch aspirants a new initiative which can be a one of its kind has been taken and a very nice jingle is being uploaded on youtube and promoted with great enthusiasm and spirit by SCITians. Farewell video by students of Ritsumeikan university also became an instant hit. Even an SCIT queries group has been introduced for aspiring students to ask queries regarding any issues. It is very delightful to see our Director Dr.Raman to be consistently being socially active.The best part is he always listens to your ideas and make sure that it gets implemented in no time if it is really a  good one. Even SCIT’s admissions details are posted on Facebook. To add to the great social media strategies i would also like to mention SCIT’s presence in twitter with account named “mba_scit”.It is good to see more than 700 followers on Twitter. The best part is the number  of tweets that is being posted  is better than many top B-schools. We even have a Web and Media Committee that provides a  proper channel for promoting all the happenings and events not only in SCIT  but also in global markets. All the pictures and insights of the events are posted as soon as it happens. The biggest advantage  is it the cheapest mode of promoting any brand without spending a huge chunk of money. The social media hence proves to be a boon for all the aspirants along with SCITians, Alumni and other people.


M.Vineet Chandra

MBA ITBM(2012-14)

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