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I wanted to share a true story and hence this blog

This is a story very much close to my life which might help many people to get rid of addiction.
My father started smoking from his college days. Since my childhood I have always seen him as a chain smoker finishing two to three packs a days. My mother used to everyday say him to swear on me and my brother to quit smoking. He used to stop for 2 days but 3rd day he again started. This went on until the time he had to actually suffer for this. It was during the durga pooja, I was in class 3rd, one morning suddenly my father started vomiting a lot .We rushed him to the doctor, he was diagnosed to have peptic ulcer and doctor said it was due to his continuous smoking. He was admitted in hospital for 4-5 days, no foods, only on liquid. It was for the first time when my father realized how dangerous smoking is not only for his own health but for his family as well, and how it was affecting his responsibilities as a father and a husband. After coming back home he promised to himself that he will not touch the cigarette in his hand lifetime. And this time it was no one else to convince him, but he himself made it. That was a day and till today he never ever touched the cigarette and never smoked. I salute him to take that decision. I salute him for his will power and I salute him to keep me always motivated by this story that, ”It’s all about your wish, your decision, your will power and your dedication , you can achieve anything in your life. Addiction or getting addicted to smoking, drinking or drugs is just nothing in front of you”.

“I salute you dad – I salute your Will power”

Julee Dutta MBA(ITBM) | SCIT 2013-2015

Julee Dutta