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Though it is a common topic and we see hoardings saying ” don’t drink and drive ” in many metros . The funniest part is that there will be a hoarding of BMW 3 series / Yamaha FZ/Pulsar 220 “fastest INDIAN” to its left and to its right there will be another hoarding ( double the size ) saying KINGFISHER ” king of good times”  or BAGPIPER “Aap, Mein Aur Bagpiper”.Before getting into any delusion  they are sodas ,not alcohol . Its fine till this point , but i never saw any store selling kingfisher or bagpiper sodas .

So what should one do? (Its not a million dollar question but the answer make millions aware ) Should he go for the first hoarding and be fast or should he drink kingfisher ( sodas as they said ) . Of course no one cares the hoarding which is in between. Thinking practically , no one stares away from the beauty of such vehicles and logos of KF. But what’s happening in reality is one is having lot of alcohol as depicted on the third hoarding and driving fast following the first hoarding and making the Pulsar 220 ‘s tag line true   The Fastest Indian ( TO DIE) .

“Incidentally, India holds the dubious distinction of registering the highest number of road accidents in the world. According to the experts at the National Transportation Planning and Research Centre (NTPRC) the number of road accidents in India is three times higher than that prevailing in developed countries. The number of accidents for 1000 vehicles in India is as high as 35 while the figure ranges from 4 to 10 in developed countries.”

Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) :

BAC is the % of alcohol in one’s blood. This varies with the amount of the alcoholic beverage consumed, one’s own body mass, and the amount of time between imbibing and testing ( as time allows the body to metabolise some of the alcohol).

The legal limit for BAC varies country-to-country (and in India state-to-state): many countries have a ‘zero tolerance policy’(Brazil, Pakistan, Russia, and most Western countries for drivers under 21 or with L plates); China has a limit of 0.02%, India generally 0.03%; in most western countries it is 0.05%; and a generous 0.08% in Canada, the UK, the US and a few other places.

What do these figures mean? Well, one drink (150 ml of wine or a half-bottle of beer or 45 ml of spirits) will produce a BAC level of about 0.02%; two drinks will push this to 0.04% (over the limit in India but perfectly legal in most parts of the world); three drinks (0.06%) is about the limit even in the west .    Now the most important and common SHOWOFF after getting drunk i.e. of car/bike races in order to attract the attention of crowd or to Show-off  that they are the most lively creature ever walked on the planet . But the Ultimate result to this boulevard of glory is seen by us in daily newspapers and hoardings to make others aware ,  it always lead to destruction whether to self or others. I never understand why these jerks after getting drunk picture themselves as BATMAN and drive as if they are in city of GOTHAM where roads are better than our central parks.


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