Induction ceremony day @ SCIT

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Published On: July 1, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Induction ceremony day @ SCIT

This is the first blog which i am writing and was confused on which topic to write as i am really not good in writing and using all those beautiful words to make this blog look good,and after thinking a lot,i thought of writing on the topic ‘induction ceremony day @scit’.When the days were near to join the SCIT,there were full mix of emotions going through me like how is the college,hostel studies and new people to interact,with all this questions and emotions i arrived on the SCIT campus.So,the first day was the induction ceremony,which was going to happen from morning 9 -6,the first thought which came to my mind was how i am going to sit for that long,but after attending it,i really felt good and how the time passed away was really surprising for me also.The first thing i found surprising was that even parents were allowed to attend the ceremony and that was quite good,it gives immense pleasure for a parent to attend the ceremony of their child who is going to spend next two years of their life in SCIT.The induction ceremony started with parent,students and teachers gathered in audiotorium waiting for the guests to arrive and everything was conducted in perfect way and was on time.Induction started with the video of how the SIU was started keeping in mind the needs of foreign students studying in india.After this there was speech by the director mam DR.dhanya pramod which was inspiring and motivational and the ceremony continued with other guests speaking.After listening to all the guests and getting advise and motivation from such experienced people,it gives a kind of satisfaction,which i was having after attending the first half of the session,after which there was lunch break.The session after the lunch was only for the students and faculty members and director mam introduced each of the faculty members and also the bhaiyas working there which shows how good the college is.So,this was about the induction ceremony at SCIT,from where a new chapter of my life has just started and waiting for more new such experiences to take away with me after this 2 years from SCIT.