My first day at SCIT..

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Published On: July 1, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on My first day at SCIT..
First day at college is always exciting and memorable. On my way to campus mess, I saw many bright and curious faces. Few were standing near the cafeteria with a cup of tea while others just standing in the groups of 3-5 and probably trying to know each other. I was just trying to recall if I knew someone but sadly I couldn’t. I, along with my roommates had our breakfast patiently and headed towards our class.
Surprisingly, we were early than many others and the teacher hadn’t arrived yet. We grabbed a seat together and I started observing people seated near me and tried to make conversations with few people. It’s always an exciting experience for me to know new people and their customs.
The teacher came right on time but unfortunately we had a few late comers in our class on the very first day. The lecture was quite interesting and I had the zeal to learn new things in my new college. The latter part of the day was occupied by induction sessions of library and other subjects.
Overall,my first day at college was a complete blend of excitement, fear, happiness and enthusiasm .

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