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Pune is on the beautiful city in western ghats. When I joined SCIT we were given pre induction time table and one thing that drew my attention was SURYA SHIBIR.
Surya Shibir is an adventure and outdoor facility in Pune which organizes corporate engagement programs and team building activities. It was 2 day program completely filled with fun and adventure. The event started with a 5 mile trek across a hill. It was some what difficult for me but the experience was wonderfull . Relief of reaching on the top was quite relieving. We had some berries there and then started our downhill decent. The whole activity took some 4 hours and we were all dead tired, but then there was some activities lined up back at the Shibir.
Then there was ICE BREAKING session, an activity meant for students to know each other. Through this one gets the details of each other and also of whole group. The activity ended up with people getting to know some really talented people across diverse fields and some hearty laughs.
Later in the night different group have to perform on stage. Lot of people showed their talent like dancing ,singing and some were really good poets. Each and every SCITian performed very well.
The morning of the last day was jam packed with several team building activities zip-lining and valley crossing sort of activities. The ex-servicemen really made a considerable effort in making us understand the inner dynamics of team building and group performance. Every task was one of a kind and it was real fun to apply both mental and physical effort to complete it.
All these tasks came to an end in the afternoon and we had our lunch. Post lunch session was quite relaxed with mostly indoor activities like poster making and giving feedbacks.
On a concluding note all I can say is that I am really grateful to the SCIT admin team which came up with such a wonderful idea of SURYA SHIBIR where we all had fun, adventure and made some friends which will remain important part of my life

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