“Surya Sibir” My view point

By Administrator 123erty

 It was all a Saturday morning, the full batch of my MBA program which I had started few days back was excited. I had no idea what it was going to be as I knew hardly anyone who would brief me about it. We all boarded the bus and moved for the SURYA SIBIR. The journey was more time taking than I really thought off. We reached our destination in few hours and straight away were asked to settle down in the rooms allocated. There I first time met Shreyas, Rajan and few others. Surya Sibir by now was already turning interesting for me. After breakfast everyone was asked to gather at a place known as CHILL OUT zone. There we were divided into a group of 11 or 13 members. Taking the advantage of the supervisors present there we selected 13 members only boys as boys and girls were divided separately and went straight to the person appointing names and batches for the group. Our first and main mission was completed that for next 2 days we are going to do whatsoever together. We all were happy but then to our surprise to our “H” group there was a same “H” in the girls sides as well which latter was joined together. We all were a bit disappointed atleast  few of us.


The group was taken for the activities to learn team building, leadership, etc. Our “H” group was then divided into H1 and H2. We were given separate tasks to perform. During the tasks and activities we did not realize the fact that we were already wining the assets of our life. At the end of the first our “H” group got aware of each and every individual. The second we headed for the trekking. It was all during this activity that our H group came so close that we have got so close to explain. There is whatsapp group, we celebrate when we are together just for no reason. The limit for caring and sharing is beyond putting into words. The Surya Sibir program has really gave me the one of the most precious part of life i.e. FRIENDS. Adding to our happiness and more probably because we all helped to that extent and planned so well realizing each ones potential that we got the BEST GROUP award by the SURYA SIBIR team.


The Surya Sibir program is really good , a fantastic way to break through your hurdles in realizing your potential and moreover it also induces in the feeling and happiness of helping others. For me as an individual it was a great experience and I also got the “H” group which is something that I haven’t thought of. When leaving for the before entering the BUS I hardly knew anyone but which leaving it there were almost 100 plus buddies with me.

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