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Published On: August 11, 2017Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on INDEPENDENCE CUP – 2017: DAY 5

The energy, thrill and enthusiasm of last four days was continued in the same manner on the fifth day also. On this day total seven matches were scheduled. However, because of rain the volleyball match between division B juniors and DSDA juniors was cancelled. So total six matches were played. The first game was boys’ football match between division D seniors and B seniors. It was an exciting match and was won by D seniors by 1-0. The second game was boys’ cricket match between C seniors and A seniors. It was also a thrilling one and after a tough fight finally A senior boys won. After this we had a seniors vs. juniors girls’ cricket match. Both the teams played well but finally the seniors took away the match. They made total twenty-eight runs in the first half and chasing that junior girls made eighteen runs in their innings. The seniors won the match by ten runs. The fourth one was boys’ volleyball match between D seniors and C juniors. After a tough fight seniors won the match. The next one was also a boys’ volleyball match between C seniors and A seniors and was won by C seniors. The sixth and final match of the day was boys’ cricket match between A juniors and B seniors. The seniors made total thirty-five runs in their innings and the juniors finally won the match by six wickets. These days the environment of the campus is somewhat different from regular. Students eagerly wait for the evening when the matches start. Day five was also full of energy and enthusiasm. Let this spirit continue on the upcoming days of the Independence Cup!


– compiled by Sharbani Basu