Guest Lecture on Toastmasters

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On 8th July, 2017, SCIT organized a guest lecture on Toastmasters introduction. Toastmasters is a very popular club among students and professionals who wants to enhance their public speaking skills. Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. It has presence in 142 countries with total 15900 clubs and more than 345,000 members.

There are several Toastmasters clubs in almost every big cities in India. It has presence in Pune as well. All the members of the club meet generally once in a week and then discuss on different topics depending on the theme of the session.

In the session we had Toastmasters Division Director TM Vinod Sharma and Area Director TM Pramod Kiwande along with others toastmasters. The theme was ‘Power of Public Speaking’. In any Toastmasters session, there are few roles which needs to be played by the Toastmasters. Few examples are,

Ah-Counter -The purpose of the Ah-Counter is to note any overused words or filler sounds.

Grammarian – The Grammarian helps club members improve their grammar and vocabulary.

Timer – A Timer is responsible for monitoring the time of meeting segments and speakers.

Evaluator-Evaluators provide verbal and written feedback to meeting speakers.

Phani Vijay was the Toastmaster for today’s session i.e. he was the host and director for today’s meeting. He introduced all the Toastmasters to us and introduced the theme and the rules of the discussion. The first speaker was Toastmaster Abdul Karim. He spoke about the method of effective speaking through story telling. In continuation to this the next speaker TM Manish Trivedi, told us a beautiful story about are we actually free in our life using example of a Monk and few prisoners. The next speaker was Aniket Rai, who took a session on impromptu speaking. He mentioned few tips like

OBC Rule – OBC stands for Opening, Body, and Conclusion.

PEP Rule stands for Point- Example- Next Point.

Thought – If an unfamiliar topic is given to you first just think about it. See what thoughts come in your mind after listening the words. And then accumulate those thoughts and try to speak from your heart.

It’s ok if you fail – We should try to express our thoughts without any fear.

There was one more interesting round named as Table Topic Master. TM Aishwarya Vijay explained the rules of this round to us. The speaker will be given a topic and instantly he has to speak about it for two minutes.The student volunteers Mounica, Pranavaditya, Elaine, Bishakha and Amulya from SCIT participated in this round.

We found the Toastmasters session very interesting, interactive and one from which we can learn effectively. Let’s look forward to have more Toastmasters at SCIT.

-Written by Sharbani Basu