A day out with nature!!!

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The first ISR committee activity was conducted on 3rd Sunday of July i.e. 16/07/2017. The “Tree plantation drive” in Aundh. It made us a little more responsible towards mother earth. A little more aware.  A little more connected.

We started off at 10:30 am by bus. After reaching the destination, we were joined by more people working for NGO’s and other colleges. We were then instructed by Mr. Abhishek, the head, to beware of snakes and other insects. We were astonished to learn that, he, along with his team has planted 5000+ saplings till date. After gathering our tools, we were all set for farming. Amidst drizzling rains and wet soil, we all earnestly got into the business. In separate groups, we all were busy digging up and planting as many saplings as possible. We managed to plant around 40 saplings collectively.

Exhausted and happy, we then headed towards the bird sanctuary.  There were various species of birds including 6 endangered species. An artificial marshland was created for birds to lay eggs. 6 species of snakes were spotted till date. There were 2 artificial lakes which were completely rain fed. They were habitat of aquatic life.

Mr. Abhishek elaborated how he, along with his team, worked day in and day out for such a charitable cause. He also told us an interesting thing that the sanctuary was not open for tourism because humans, as expected, ruin the nature and frighten away birds. Only the research students were allowed inside the sanctuary.

Wholly, it was a pleasing experience. A few hours away from our busy schedule was something we all really needed. On the other hand, we all were reminded that we are just another regular species of animals, like them. We are not the only species on the planet.