Graffiti Theme Launch

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Published On: December 26, 2019Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Graffiti Theme Launch

The day had finally arrived, you could practically feel the energy in the atmosphere, after all the date was 16th of December the day of the theme launch of Graffiti 2019, the hustle and bustle of the past few weeks had led to this grand event. Students; seniors and juniors alike were excited for the unveiling of the theme, seniors here for the nostalgia and to see what theme the juniors had come up with to carry forward the legacy of graffiti, and the juniors, eager to prove their mettle, in the process setting up a grand event that truly exemplifies the twenty years of SCIT. The launch event started off at 7pm with our very own Symbeats setting the stage for the evening with a slew of well-co-ordinated and energetic performances. It was the best possible way to get the audience pumped and ready for the evening ahead. Following the dance we had a duo crack us up with their well timed wit and spot on sense of humor, Sukhi and Akshay had us in splits, with their playful and charming act. Next in the line-up of performances was a display of in house singing talent, talented students took to the stage and enthralled us with their musical prowess, this act certainly help maintain the atmosphere of the event. MH-12, a duo of rappers spellbound us with their verses, this certainly fed off the hype that Gully Boy had created a year ago, additionally, the audience really enjoyed the lyrics that aimed to best represent the rap environment in India. And so, it was finally time for the Main Co-ordinators to unveil the theme for Graffiti; the theme; Venti Cosmo which combines Venti the Italian for twenty and Cosmo implying the limitless reaches and scope of expansion of space to perfectly represent the 20th year of SCIT and the celebration of the emotion that is Graffiti. The theme launch was followed by a mesmerizing musical performance by Nikhil and Gulshan who delivered an absolutely smashing performance. The perfect conclusion to the night came in the form of a DJ night where students danced their hearts out. All in all the event perfectly summed up the excitement and enthusiasm that comes with the stature of such an event as Graffiti.