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IMG_20140610_162137194_HDRIt has been a decade since blogging has been the buzz word of social network and yet, I have never blogged once!!! So here i am writing my first blog !.

My first Day at SCIT started from the D hostel which is almost 1 km from the SIC campus. All the boys wearing white shirts and black pants, walked out of the D hostel like an army of catering boys!(perhaps this is the only  time I felt happy to have an ID card hanging on to me). We all assembled in the huge auditorium of the SIC campus and awaited for our guests which included the founder of Symbiosis Dr. S. B. Mujumdar (However Dr. Mujumdar could not make it to the Induction).The guest list had Dr Vidya Yeravdekar (Principal Director-Symbiosis Society), Dr Rajani Gupte (VC-SIU) and Director of Citrix Mr Abhilash Verma who is our alumnus. The policy of SIU to bring their high achieving alumnus for induction ceremony boosted our morale.

The huge screen in front of us started playing video clips about SIU and SCIT. Soon the esteemed guests had arrived and they were all seated in the dais and welcome speech progressed, on one side of the dais there was a table which had odd materials, few bottles with SCIT stickers wrapped around it, stone, powder and water, I was very much curious to know the purpose of these objects on a very formal dais. I got my answers pretty soon, our young and dynamic Director Dr Raman used it to show us the need of prioritizing our task and to efficiently use the time we have in SCIT. So what did he show there? Well that is something I am not writing down, non SCIT ians you can keep guessing!! .

Dr Rajani Gupte and Dr Vidya Yeravdekar followed him and gave us insights into Symbiosis and their career journeys so far and encouraged us to take up entrepreneurship rather than being job hunters. Abhilash Verma gave us the much needed insights into the corporate world, what is expected from us, how to achieve that and gave us interesting examples from his career path. The speeches delivered by the guests erased all the doubts looming around in the hall, on placements and life after SCIT. In fact it was more like a confirmation that the decision taken by 180 students and their parents was absolutely in the right direction.

So guys here I am winding up my first blog and kicking off my much anticipated life in SCIT.