By Administrator 123erty

“Ache din aane wale hai”. Current PM Narendra Modi’s slogan during election campaign struck my mind when I first entered into the corridors of SCIT. The MBA sojourn started on an inauspicious note as fumes started emerging from the bonnet of the car but luckily due to God’s grace we were nearby the campus otherwise if it happened on the expressway then we were gone for all money. I was also in a state of shock and sorrow that day due to the demise of Rural Minister Mundeji in an car accident (But it did not have any effect on the “so-called” down to earth Shah Rukh Khan and Mrs Mamata Banerjee as they were brazenly celebrating the victory in an third-grade tournament).So it was a sort of mixed emotions for me on that day. Glad and Excited that it was the first day of the college but was also in an state of mourning.

The oratory skills of Dr. Raman left me completely awe-struck as it was one of the brilliant speeches I had ever encountered in the last few years (This compliment is not to fetch any brownie points!!). It was truly a motivational and an inspirational speech. I honestly thought before the programme started that it was going to be one of those dour and dull sessions where one is only physically present and mentally absent but it turned out to be a refreshing one. It was also my first encounter with the mess food and to be honest the mess wasn’t a complete MESS. In the evening we (my class-mates) all met to face-to-face for the first time (The current trend is to make friends on WhatsApp and then meet face-to-face) and it was invigorating to converse with people from different states and backgrounds. Looking at the group I hope it will be the best 2 years of my life. Let’s see the ‘roller-coaster’ has just begun……

First Year  MBA student at SCIT