Few miles that i covered in SCIT

By Administrator 123erty

Well, it was one of the most eagerly awaited days of my life, and now it’s past me… my first day at what most people would describe as the central jail of Pune!!
I reached the city in the morning and on reporting, I was handed over the welcome brochure, my schedule, After making arrangements for my parents in the guest house I allocated to my new hostle room- it was a spacious 3 seater, with a bed, a pillow, a table, a cupboard for each of us as well as an attached bathroom…
Well first day was pretty chilled out, i showed my parents round the campus, opened the account at SBI, applied for a new mobile connection, got acquainted with my two room mates. In the evening went to Pune city where my mother went berserk for 2 hours as she behaved like a teenaged shopaholic (worse than me, and I am tough competition)
Well, the campus itself was pretty amazing- it was completely self sufficient: from a health centre, a well equiped gym, yoga centre, swimming pool, basketball court, TT board, a general store, cafeteria, juice bar, mess and photocopy centre- there was indeed no need to go out. However in case we felt like some contact with civilisation (come on, we do need to visit a bar, or smoke, or watch timepass movies unlike the highbrow stuff showed in the auditorium, or just get away…) there were college buses in the campus which will take us to the city!
It was kind of a dream come true- I had always wanted the feeling of being on campus: it makes your education complete in diferent aspects and also the experience is enriching… well I guess I will come out from my girlish notions pretty soon, but until then, let me just sit back and enjoy the symbiosis experience!!