The First Few Days!

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Published On: June 15, 2014Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on The First Few Days!

Leaving behind everything you love and everything that has always been yours is never easy. There is always a conflict of emotion that says, ” Really?! Am I really going to be able to survive?!” . This is the exact conflict which my mind kept pondering about. Once I got in SCIT, there was a hyper activity all around, packing, meeting people, saying goodbyes!. At that point of time, you dont feel the scariness bothering u as such. However, once I did step into the premises of SCIT, I suddenly felt as if i belonged here. Its one of those feelings u can not really explain. Everything felt strange and exciting. And it correctly was. There is this completely new and unknown world that is all yours to explore. Suddenly you have a new room, a new roommate (Someone u have never met before, but have to stay with for 2 years!), new people all around (Just as confused as you are!) and that’s when the actual scariness takes over. But it goes away too. Pretty fast at that. Suddenly, you are equipped with sitting through hours of classes, and eating the mess food( sometimes, you have no idea what you are eating!). Dominos becomes your fav place to visit and you know the name of the person who sells maggi outside the premises. When running hurriedly for early morning sessions and then goofing around with your friends in the night, becomes your entire day. When you no the secuity guys ke names and the symbiosis bus timings by heart!. U find new ways to celebrate birthdays and new ways to treat! :p. When u have new mentors to look up to, and new friends to go to.

The feeling encompasses you. You know everyone is different, but still everyone is in the same boat. When you start to look up to people and then strive to be better yourself.

The first few days here have been all of this. Every emotion ever written in the dictionary is what one feels in the initial days. However, as I telling a friend today, ‘ This has started to feel like home . This is becoming home. This is home. ‘


Toral Nitin Gandhi