Life is a Beach …

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Life has never been easy. Neither has it been less beautiful than yesterday! Life’s been the vada pav nights with friends. The tea-Parle G steroids on the night before the exam. So has it been saying hard goodbyes to friends on that snappy dropout.

Life is, my Dad!
Always chase your dream,that’s was my dad used to say when I started understanding what life was all about.he was born in family were every one had no option but to do farming.but he had a dream and he made it come true.He is caring father a loving husband passionate business men and above all a great human being.I have learned many a thing from him & now I believe in SCIT,it will help me in things I don’t know and help me accomplish my dreams too…

Life is, remembering God! Reminds me of the fun we had at Rajmachi! Rajmachi is a beautiful and densely jungled hill station near Lonavla. It is famous for it’s Lake and Temple of Lord Mahadev. You have to pass the lake before entering the magnificent temple.

On the first night we made a campfire besides the Lake. The best and the most thrilling part was walking on the narrow path through the dense jungle. The screams of monkeys made the scene even more scary, never theless exciting. We were well prepared with the ‘khanjar’ that our localite friend carries always.

We couldn’t quite make out between the sparks ejected from the campfire and the stars in the background. We were completely hypnotized by the sparky star dilemma. However, some of us couldn’t resist the temptation of breaking the spell; by calling the sparks as planets, as they dont twinkle, ‘how can they be stars?’ (The proposer of this tiringly trippy idea was banished forever).
None the less, I remember someone later calling the sparks as shooting stars, because they vanish just likewise! Can’t forget the Big- Oh- Notation faces of those who were still thinking about the beauty of it. Thanks, Niro for being You and playing Coldplay’s ‘I Saw Sparks’. And later, how it was discovered- ‘ I Saw Sparks on a Starry Night’. Wish Chris heard that!