Fair and Consistent Enforcement of Ethics Code

By Administrator 123erty

SCIT organized a session on “Fair and Consistent Enforcement of Ethics code” by Mr. Anuj Ranjan, General Manager & Executive Assistant to Deputy Governor, RBI Mumbai. He spoke on the significance of maintaining integrity at a professional level. He shared his experiences on the various instances when he and his colleagues at the Central Bank had ensured that there is no compromise on integrity. He emphasized on the mission statement which brought the employees together on the code of conduct followed by the RBI. He also spoke about the moral belief that an employee in any organization is expected to be bound to, which is to respect and abide to the values thereby instilling them as part of the work ethics in a day to day routine. We were then briefed on the Ten Commandments that the employees at RBI followed to demonstrate positive code of conduct. Most of them were related to Ethics and significance of Ethics at workplace and as the work was directed towards serving the people of country, few of the commandments that he discussed included the ease at which ethics are expected to be demonstrable and also that rise in performance standards must go hand in hand in promoting greater credibility. He also covered the various Ethical dilemmas that were subjected to and how to overcome them without compromising on the performance. It was a useful session with students getting clarified on various fronts from a knowledgeable executive of high regards.