Global IT Commune on “Providing Customer Delight by Digital Assurance”

By Administrator 123erty

SCIT organized a seminar on Nov 12th, 2016 on the topic “Providing Customer Delight by Digital Assurance” in collaboration with GIC (Global IT Commune). A variety of guest speakers were invited to share thoughts on the theme. The day began with the traditional Lighting of the lamp by Director- SCIT – Dr Dhanya Pramod and other fraternities. Dr Dhanya Pramod gave the Welcome Address, where she emphasised on the Digital Transformation that the world has been going through. She also spoke on the significance of not compromising on security as we get accustomed to the developments on a technology front like IoT, Big Data and Industry v4.0

This was followed by Dr. Shankar Ramamurthy’s Welcome Note. He spoke on bridging the gap between industry demands and academia towards the creation of digital ecosystem. The Welcome Keynote which followed was by Mr. Anshoo Gaur, was on the exponentially increasing rate of Innovation and Discovery that are enabled by Technology. He also spoke on how domain and communication going hand in hand in getting digitized which leads to minimum costs and in turn leading to disruption.

Mr. Jagdish, AVP, Persistent spoke on the topic “Digital Architecture” where he began with the evolution of Digital revolution in enabling process architectures by exposing data from all aspects and considering the security in implementation. The significance of “Digital Testing” was taken up by Mr, Aditya Garg, where he stressed on the key focus being the customer experience and that testing is expected to be closer to real time data.

The relevance of “Digital Skills” by Mr. Anant Vardhe, SVP, Seed InfoTech, spoke on the industrial relevance that students are expected to have to match the various profiles available. Mr. Surjit Das, spoke on the role of Innovation in driving high performance teams abiding multi-talented players through an agile approach. Mr. LeoPaulose spoke on the paradigm shift in Digital Innovation. Mr. Surendran Ethiraj, Xpansion, spoke on the lines of Security test driven development, with the focus on unit level detailing. The day was productive with students getting enriched from various speakers on the recent trend of Digitization and the significance of security in the modern day world through digital assurance.

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