Expert Solution on IOT Security

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An e-talk session by Mr. Akashdeep Singh Makkar was organized on 3 January 2022. The convener for the session was Dr. Hemraj Lamkuche. Mr. Akashdeep Singh Makkar provided his insights on the topic “IOT Security”.
The agenda for the e-talk was IOT Security, fundamentals of security, IOT security architecture, challenges in IOT security, best IOT security technologies, IOT breaches, top IOT security tools, intent and need for security testing, top 10 open-source security testing tools for IOT web application, analyzing various IOT security vulnerabilities, Security solution for CIA and various IOT attacks and its countermeasures. The e- talk started by sharing an amazing line which was “Social Engineering bypasses all technologies including firewalls”.
Mr. Akashdeep Singh Makkar explained about the IOT communication. He explained how IOT devices send data via gateway, from where the internet sends it to the user/device controller and the data gets stored on the cloud storage server as well. He further explained the IOT security and said that “Human Stupidity, that’s why Hackers always win”. He added that IOT security comprises protecting the internet-enabled devices that connect on wireless networks. He also added that the data collected from IOT sensors contain a large amount of private information and needs to be preserved. He also added that privacy and security need attention when it comes to IOT security.
The speaker further explained the fundamentals of security and the 5 major components of IOT. He also explained the security architecture. He said that “With the rise in popularity of IOT devices, there will be a rise in IOT app development as well as security challenges and issues”. He explained the global market of IOT through a graph. He further continued by explaining the security threats which are intentional, accidental, action/event and circumstance. He also explained the strategic security management and explained that ‘Asset + Threat + Vulnerability = Risk’. He also explained the meaning of vulnerability and how it is exploited. Mr. Akashdeep Singh Makkar also mentioned the challenges for attackers and hacker utility tools. He further added the cyber security risks and the growing IOT cybersecurity risks. He also shared the recommendation plan and explained the IOT security challenges and IOT security risks use case. He further explained how the lack of compliance on the part of IOT manufacturers as well as lack of user knowledge and awareness can be a security issue.
The e-talk ended with a Question-and-Answer session wherein the speaker answered all the questions of the students. Overall, it was an extremely successful and highly informative guest lecture which helped the students learn a lot.
– Khyati