What makes Power BI the best Data visualization tool?

By Administrator 123erty

On 12th Jan, an insightful workshop on PowerBI was conducted by Henry Harvin partnered with SCIT. The event was structured in five different modules, where the first module covered the basic introduction of the data visualization tool and its importance. In the next module, Miss Deepika, host of the workshop, explained the three different platforms where PowerBI is available: desktop, web, and mobile version. She introduced the query editor of the PowerBI and its applications. It helps in transforming or editing the data files before they are actually loaded in the Power BI.
The query editor act as a data container where you can modify data. In the next part, she explained the key activities of the Power BI like connecting with the data, data cleansing and transformation, creating data models, creating reports, etc. The host also covered the topic of sales analysis, where a sample dataset was shown for the explanation.
Later, the Power BI service was discussed where collaboration and sharing take place and can also be used to create dashboards after creating and sharing the content. Power BI Desktop offers features like free application, data visualization, connecting with different data sources, building data models, creating reports, sharing reports, and data analysis. The insightful workshop concluded with a questions round from the students and detail about the certification course that students can avail.