Eve Teasing: A growing Concern

By Administrator 123erty

Shining India! When you hear this word,you imagine the infrastructural development, growing IT sector,globalization and what not. But there are issues which are defaming the shining India. One of the front runner is eve teasing.Eve teasing is something which is most contradictory to the image of India.A place where women enjoyed highest status in the medieval ages.Then what went wrong?
Eve teasing is a pain which every girl or a woman has to go through at least once(or multiple times). If women is not safe in a society,definitely there is something wrong. The perpetrators usually get away by giving it a name of ” fun”,what they do not understand is that it can give someone a scar for lifetime.
Somewhere the society is also responsible,or I must say equally a culprit. How many times do we retaliate when we see something like this happening in front of us? We all need to take a pledge to remove this evil practice from the society.
There are two mechanisms which work- internal and external,we need to develop an internal control mechanism.I would like to conclude with a quote-
““Be strong. Live honorably and with dignity. When you don’t think you can, hold on.”
― James Frey, A Million Little Pieces


Kuldeep Choudhary

(MBA-ITBM 2013-15)