Drug Abuse- A Social Evil

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Drug abuse is a social evil.  It destroys not only vitals of the society but also adversely affects the economic growth of the country because this is a trade which generates large un-accounted money which, in turn, leads to adoption of several means of money laundering.  The money generated is used for various purposes including anti-national and terrorist activities and even clandestine trading in arms and ammunition.  Drug trafficking activities have increased over the years and people dealing in drugs have flourished despite hard punishments provided under the law because they have been able to evade the process of law.

In a national survey conducted by the Ministry of Social Justice and Environment and the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crimes, it was stated that abuse of different drugs is prevalent in different states of India.  Rajasthan, has the highest proportion of opium users (76.7%), followed by Haryana (58.0%).  So far as heroin is concerned, 43.9% of its users are found in Uttar Pradesh while Orissa and Himachal Pradesh, at 43.9% and 37.3% respectively top in alcohol consumption.  This indicates not only the dimension and diversity of the social problem that is facing our country, but also that the problem does not relate only to investigation and law in relation to drug abuse and drug-related crimes.

The statistics released by the Narcotic Bureau also indicate the magnitude of the problem facing our nation. From the year 1996-2006, amongst others 21895 kgs of Opium, 855667 kgs of Ganja, 48278 kgs of hashish and 10147 kgs of heroin have been seized by various enforcing agencies.  In the cases arising from these seizures, a total of 142337 persons were involved including the foreigners.  Out of these, 38030 persons stand convicted for offences while 44656 persons have not been found guilty.  The rate has varied from 27.7% to 59.1% annually during this period. The widespread evil of drug trafficking not only creates shackles on these principles but leads to a complete impediment in the progress of the country in various fields.

Tanuj Mawlikar
SCIT 2013-15