Drug Abuse

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Published On: August 5, 2013Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Drug Abuse
The first thing that comes to one's mind when you hear the above words are "WHY" and this is not just the typical inquisitive question but in contrast a cry directed towards the very person who has allowed himself/herself to become a slave to such deadly desires. It is beyond the sensible and common mans understanding as to why someone would want to subject oneself to such torture i.e. what could possibly be gained from entering a door which has danger written all over it, surveys carried out by NGOs where they asked the average consumer of drugs the possible benefits that caused them to succumb to these desires and ignore the sensible part of their brain which would have repeatedly screamed no again and again. Interestingly majority of the answers came in the order which indicated a trend that most drug abusers probably have a past they are trying to escape from and feel the need to escape into the world of drugs to encounter an adrenaline rush or a "HIGH" that avoids them in their routine activities. In my opinion,all this study proves that in times of despair or when the human mind is at a low, it more often than not searches for the easier options focusing only on coming out of the state of despair. More often than not, when the mind is focused on achieving gains that are immediate in nature, it tends to avoid doing an impact-analysis while making choices or decisions.
                          Drugs come in varied forms ranging from solid,liquid,powder,etc and even though people claim that some drugs are safer compared to others in terms of effects/use but in my opinion whatever the form of drug abuse, you are simply entering the same danger ridden door, probably walking towards the door or running towards i.e the speed with which you enter may be variables but the door you enter remains constant. Hence it doesn't really matter what form of drug someone is addicted to. I sometimes ask myself this question - what is the basic difference between a person doing drugs and a person who isn't. In majority of the cases both the parties being compared are educated sound minded people who are both aware of the ill-effects of drugs,yet one of the parties has ignored these ill-effects believing the fact that the output obtained from doing drugs is much greater than the feeling of being safe. I personally believe that people who consume drugs find a life without risks or a life full of safety very menial or boring. They are in search of an adrenaline rush 24*7.Apart from the "HIGH" that they encounter while taking drugs, the fact that they are on the border of life and death gives them the feeling that they have defeated death everyday.That in itself gives them the biggest kick and is probably the biggest motivation for them to continue with their lifestyle.