A Typical Indian Housewife

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She is the person who works from 6 AM in the morning to 11 PM in the night, 7 days a week, all the year around without a single holiday in the entire year with no ‘bonus’, no  incentives, no advance salary and the worst is that she doesn’t even have ‘A Trade Union’. I believe that an Indian Housewife is most under estimated person of the family and undoubtedly the most intelligent and hardworking of all. She controls and monitors each corner ranging from household, monetary matters as well as personal. Her routine includes supervision, monitoring, control, check shortages, inventories and day to day maintenance for smooth operation.

She starts her morning by checking the quality of milk that too without the use of Lactometer and the quantity without any level indicator in the vessel.  She doesn’t need a map to locate the items in the kitchen and without any prior training or guidance she easily begins her activities. Her time co ordination is impeccable; she knows when the bread will come out of the toaster, when the tea will boil to the brim of the vessel, when the cooker will give the vessel and when to wake up rest of the family member of course without any alarm. She is the only person to provide you the best food which would even surpass five star hotels and of course without any service tax and VAT.

Her information network is amazing. She is the one who knows everything what is going on in the vicinity, what the neighbours are up to, what is the latest product launched in the market, what is in vogue and what’s out, what are the rates of vegetable. She takes care of her child, helps him in his homework. Work without any complaints for the in laws and it is mandatory for her to be a wonderful wife.

Money management is something to be learned from her she knows how to curb the expense on unwanted items and prioritise the basic needs, how much more to spend this month. Her calculations, estimations and intuition never fail. She is the most dependable person of the family and is available any time for any help like just like 911. She keeps on working the entire day and again at night she has to plans next day’s schedule.

Even then her contribution and role in one’s life and family is often taken for granted. Her efforts are neither acknowledged nor appreciated. Thanks to the typical Indian male mindset where it is still believe that running the household is a secondary work and is a cakewalk. No matter how free, progressive, educated and successful a woman is, most Indian men see the household chores as a responsibility of a woman. Today women come across as a strong, independent and powerful individual who manages both home and office with no help from husband. I salute the “Typical Indian housewife” who easily manages all the responsibilities assigned to her that too with a big smile on her face and humility in her heart. If you still doubt her,  “THINK AGAIN”!


Shantanu Rai 

MBA-ITBM (2013-2015)