Security Of Women In India

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Teenagers and young women are undergoing the most horrible phase in their lives. It is a matter of national emergency to me. Although the government puts a different and more thoughtful regulation every day,  the actual implementation never takes place. People are not aware and thus do not follow them. Men are finding different ways to cause damage to our country’s reputation this very moment. It is estimated that over 150 rape cases and the likes are reported every day in India. God knows how many are not reported. The cause of all this comes down to poor/bad upbringing – not only monetarily but owing to parental neglect and bad company during childhood.

Pure introspection and reflection on our actions could solve the urges that these men get before the situation grows. But in this fast paced world, Yoga  has taken a back seat and development in technology is used for unthinkable reasons. Ultimately, the female section and the powerless innocents are targeted.  The Government is forced to put a curfew for girls who go outdoors at night. I question the state government for the particular states where this rule is applied. Why is it always the women that are penalized for the crimes men commit. In a way, we are all inadvertently headed towards a world with all the social evils of sexism and crime once again.

It has to be decided upon whether this country wants a bright future or not, as this is inescapably the final hour that we speak about all the time. Higher minds than mine are baffled regarding this problem. All that I think is remotely feasible apart from personal conscience-building and introspection, is spreading awareness among the masses and seeing it through till the end.

Varun Roy

SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015

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