By Administrator 123erty

Human beings of all ages and at all stages in life, enlist their names in the disastrous program called ”Substance Usage”. They believe in treading the untrodden path – the crass topology of substance usage(drugs,tobacco,alcohol etc) and seeking out fantasies of nirvana while not really knowing the consequences. I was one of them and will gladly share my experiences. Addiction comes naturally, an unspoken urge, a gradual inclination towards the thing; The moment we get this urge, we act upon it. The implementation of this addiction begins with the automation of these actions – a daily routine. I apologize for the technical jargon, being an IT professional after all! I have researched a little on this topic of substance usage and one will be shocked to know the numbers pertaining to all the age groups, be it students, professionals or retired folks in society. In fact, a laughable dogma even delineates the viability of marijuana, weed and hash usage, primarily aiming at the gullible and hedonistic society for support. They say grow all types of plants, I say “grow them .. don’t smoke ’em up!!”. Let me tell you the facts related to this outgrowth. One in every five students in american high schools has reported that he/she tried  marijuana, and 85 percent of student fatalities are related to drug or alcohol abuse( ). The percentage of students who are termed as below average or poor at studies is roughly 20 percent too. In India, a different system applies, but the motivation is the same. Socially awkward people, or those who think they are, believe it will help them get popular fast. They trust in the aftermath of the usage  without knowledge(speaking of unprescribed and proscribed drugs and alcohol), waiting for that fazed-up wisdom that doesn’t exist, instead not being able to complete their own sentences. The Psuedos and Posers express themselves as elated and all-knowing, speaking about existentialism and fantasies having unicorns and angels in revealing garments! In short they are high and out of their elements. All it gives them is a wasted sense of loss. Some deny it and end up belching out their imaginary love-conquests or pouring out their agonies on the floor. All that comes out of this is the lunch that they ate in the afternoon. The delusional introverts find themselves even bigger social outcasts or youtube-sensations, having soiled their pants or lain in a dump at the side of the road the day before. What they miss out on is the life that lies ahead of them that relies on networking with different people and a will to keep moving forward towards what they believe in. Also, another morally wrong role that is played, is of the ‘Dealer’. Over 60 percent of teens say that drugs were sold near their school. In India, proper measures are not even initiated. Dealers strut their stuff out in the open and law and order is lost in bureaucracy. It is a helpless situation for the ones who are caught up in bad company. This is also what angers me most. You wanna waste your time I won’t judge, but I will definitely intervene when you persuade that good-natured friend of yours to give you company. Its not your bloody rock concert and he/she is not your groupie. In the hope of reaching out to these innocent ones who are caught up in these situations, I will state once and for all – the grass is NOT greener on the other side(and the pun is intended). I speak for this silent majority….I shout out this unspoken conviction – I Say NO To Drugs.

Varun Roy

SCIT MBA(ITBM)2013-2015