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A few years back Television- an idiot box was the topic of discussions and debate wherein we use to argue with the negatives and positives of this box (TV) on children, society, eyes and so on. But things have changed dramatically today. Now it is not only television but so many technological boxes around us – smart phones, ipad, laptops and other gadgets that we have less of humans around and more of these dummy devices, less of fresh air and more of electronic waves surrounding us.

Definition of Living and Non-Living things in 1st standard e-class has gone a change. The definition of Non-Living things now states mobiles and Laptops as example instead of Car and clothes.

In Nursery, A stands for apple iPhone, B for Blackberry … N for networking and S for social media.

Kids today grow up learning Temple Run and Socializing on social media rather than playing outside in the garden or society compound. So is this a new era of kids or kids with smarter education?

Children are deeply impacted and consumed by media and technology—42% of children eight years and younger have a TV in their bedroom; 29% have an ipad; 11% have a video game console; and last but not the least mobile phones. Children under the age of two spend over twice as much time watching TV (53 minutes per day) as they do reading books (23 minutes per day).


So are we making kids health conscious or Technology conscious?


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