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Trends in IT that make our world Greener

I have always believed that we have not inherited this world from our parents; rather we have borrowed it from our children. I am as comfortable in Mother Nature’s lap as I am with technology on my fingertips. So given my enthusiasm for technology, I wondered “Can it be driver for a greener tomorrow?” YES it can. Welcome to a trend that is fast catching up amidst IT service providers and organizations. Welcome to


“Go green”

“Save paper Save Trees”

“Do not print this email unless it is absolutely necessary”

These are buzz words we keep hearing everywhere. Considering that technology has become mobile and ubiquitous in the form smart phones and tablets, information on paper is becoming redundant. Many people think that when they put information online or host a ticket booking system they have GONE GREEN. They have only taken the first step. Because most of the information online are hosted on servers, which are located in Data Centers. Data Centers are power guzzlers. They host thousands of such servers. They should be adequately cooled to protect their equipment. The pollutants emitted by its generators and e-waste generated through the disposal of computer hardware have had a negative impact on the environment. So the next step would be towards a greener IT data center.

Some tips for building a greener data center

  • Locate it close to a place where public transport is easily accessible
  • Look for alternative ways of powering the data center viz. fuel cells, wind power, solar power etc.
  • Consolidate and virtualize your server environment. This maximizes resource utilization and reduces power consumption.
  • Innovative cooling strategies and diligent placing of equipment
  • Choose cabling wisely
  • Use ozone friendly and CFC-free refrigerants and fire suppressants such as water mist, inert gases and fluoroketones
  • Check for rating Energy star ratings in server power supply
  • Dispose e-waste responsibly
  • Other data center consumables such as batteries, light bulbs, packaging material, inkjet and toner cartridge, paper could be recycled prior to disposal.
  • The simplest thing you could do. Turn off your PC / monitor when not in use.

As Future IT managers, head honchos, CXO’s and entrepreneurs I think we should pass on the baton of Green IT to our organizations as well so that it becomes part of their ethos. Green IT not only results in less carbon footprint and reduced taxation but also lowers cost and helps to post better profits. And finally we could feel proud that we have done something to the environment as a part of our daily work. So what are you waiting for? “GO GREEEN IT”

As Captain Planet says “The power is yours”.


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