Data Mining

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Published On: October 6, 2017Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on Data Mining

A Guest Lecture was organized in SCIT by Cummins Inc. on 4th October, 2017. Prominent industry experts were present in the panel, who work as a part of the Global Analytics Center in Cummins. The speakers were Ms. Niranjana, Mr. Sumit, Mr. Rohit, Mr. Rohit Pandey and Mr. Abhishek Nair. The discussion was initiated with an introduction of Cummins Inc. – what they manufacture and what the scope of the company is. Cummins is basically an Engine and Generator manufacturing company, whose engines are widely used throughout the globe and especially in Indian cars, trucks and railways. The Advanced Analytics section of Cummins started in 2016. The speakers acquainted the students with four projects on which the Advanced Analytics team is working on; Predictive Maintenance – Telematics, Demand Forecasting, Net Promoter Score Predictor and Product Quality Analysis. The guest lecture was organized to provide a platform for students to showcase their talent and provide a solution by manipulating an actual dataset. The guests showcased their strategy to derive the knowledge out of a raw dataset. The basic challenges that they faced during the mining of data included the spelling mistakes and the short forms. The analysis of data included two steps i.e. Data Cleaning and Sentiment Analysis. The session was very interactive, where the students, along with the faculty members, had their doubts cleared. The Cummins team posed a compelling task to the students in which they had to work on a dataset and come up with innovative solutions. Such industry interactions always ensure that students at SCIT are well-updated with industry happenings and cutting-edge technologies.