Cyber Security:Need of the Hour

By Administrator 123erty

3rd October 2015, marked the commencement of Cyber Security Awareness Month by Team Matrix of SCIT in association with ISACA. Ever sincethe inception of CSAM, SCIT have been the institutional body which perceives this awareness month in collaboration with SCIT’s own TeamMatrix- Student InfoSec Club and ISACA. It was a proud moment for Team Matrix to host this event for 5th consecutive year at SCIT. The day began with the lightning of lamp by our Director and Professor Dr. Dhanya Pramod; The Chief Guest of Event, Mr. Sunit Belapure; The KeyNote Speaker of Event, Mr. Dinesh Bareja and  Professor and Faculty Mentor of CSAM, Angelina Gokhale.

Our Director and Professor, Dhanya Ma’am, delivered a welcome speech by welcoming the gathering and threw the light on staying aware and secure through this Cyber Security Awareness Month. Her speech was followed by speech of KeyNote Speaker of the event, Dinesh Belapure, who shared his valuable insights on theme of the event- “Cyber Security: Need of the Hour”. Then started the first event of CSAM’15 i.e. Paper Presentation wherein 2 selected papers were presented out of 10 entries received. The topics on which papers were presented by two different teams were: Bring your Own Device and FireWrap. Presenters, with their deep knowledge on the subject, expressed their views and presented their paper very well. Then to add some fun & enjoyment to this event, came the Nautanki Team of SCIT, “Eklavya 8.0”, and gave an extraordinary performance.

After that started Panel Discussion where dignitaries from industries shared their valuable inputs regarding cyber threats faced in the industry.  The theme for Panel Discussion was “How to respond to emerging cyber threats”.  The Panelists for this event included:

  • Mr. Sanjeev Kumar      [Director & CIO, ApOnIndia, Pune]
  • Mr. Niranjan Reddy      [Founder & CTO, Netconclave Systems]
  • Mr. Umesh Bhapkar    [CISO, Tata Technologies]
  • Mr. Vikram Patil          [Centre IT Head and SPO, L & T Infotech]
  • Mr. Apurv Singhal       [Information Security Specialist, Amdocs]

Mr. Gaurav Deshpande ,Service Line Leader, IBM, Mumbai, was the moderator of the panel discussion. Various points being discussed in panel discussion were:

  • Cyber security is experiencing enormous growth, as an industry and as a theme in the daily lives of people and businesses using technology. And because our technology keeps changing at an astounding rate, threats are evolving fast too – with cybercriminals finding new and creative ways to exploit users and technology all the time.
  • Cyber security risks, including current trust, privacy & identity issues, infrastructure attacks, criminals and cybercrime, activists and terrorists geopolitics, malware and botnets.
  • The Internet of Things will encompass at least 50 billion objects by 2020, including mobile devices, a variety of applications for radio frequency identifiers (RFID), intelligent home automation, and medical devices.
  • Organisations should have a combined approach of containing the breach, removing the threat, resuming the service and investigating the attack to learn from it and prevent it from happening again.
  • It is only with a transparent, comprehensive plan in place that organisations respond promptly and effectively to the rapidly evolving threat landscape, thereby freeing business to grow, transform and expand.

Thus, Panel discussion turned out to be a very fruitful discussion as it helped to understand different cyber threats and how to respond to it.

Post-Lunch marked different ON-Day Events namely:

1. Sherlock Holmes: Get ready to unleash the detective in you! In this event, Participants had to make a case from the dozen possible causations.                                                                            

2.Quiz Wire: What you seek is seeking you! In this event, participants were judged based on General Knowledge, Basic Knowledge related to information security and decision making based on intuitive skills and analytical skills.

3.  Cryptic: Crack the mystery and take the game away! In this event, participants had to search for the bits and pieces of the computer code.

At last, this event was winded up with the certificate distribution ceremony to the winning candidates and also to the volunteers of SCIT who worked day in and out to make this event a memorable as well as successful one.

Stay tuned for more thrilling events of SCIT!