Business Startup Strategy

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Have you always dreamt of becoming a business owner? All it takes is a great idea (and some hard work, of course) to make that dream become a reality.

On 8th September 2015, SCIT conducted a Guest Lecture on the topic “Business Start-up Strategy”. To provide the students with the great start-up strategy tips, SCIT welcomed two prominent speakers from ZoomCar India Pvt. Ltd.: Mr. Rohan Chhazed, City Manager of ZoomCar Pvt. Ltd. & Mr. Agam Garg, Marketing Manager of ZoomCar Pvt. Ltd. Mr. Rohan Chhazed started his speech by giving different examples of recent start-ups like BigBasket, OLA, ZoomCar, FoodPanda, TinyOwl, etc. Then he focused on four important elements while starting a business:-

  1. Market perspective by considering various factors like identifying market segments and targeting best market segments.
  2. Customer Perspective by considering all the ideal customers to their business & their alternatives.
  3. Financial Perspective by considering various factors like how much money to invest, at what stage money should be invested, stages of investing, what is your break even-point, etc.
  4. Human Resource Perspective by being passionate enough for our work and using our best talent to take our business to a great level.

After giving information on main important elements, he discussed about the success story of Startup Company,ZoomCar. ZoomCar is a self-drive car-rental company launched in February 2013 headquartered in Bangalore, India. Started with 7 cars & 2 Varaints, ZoomCar has now progressed a lot with 1700+ Cars & 16 Variants. Then he discussed about marketing plans for ZoomCar which were to identify market segments, with whom ZoomCar should be aligned with to get maximum reach and online & offline marketing strategy.

In the ending part of the session, a group exercise was conducted among SCIT students. 4 Groups were given a task of identifying the market areas and an innovative idea for new product development for ZoomCar in Pune. All the groups came up with extra-ordinary ideas and presented it very well. At last, 2 groups won prizes of enjoying a free ride for 6 hours provided by ZoomCar Pvt. Ltd.

Thus, the session was really informative as students got knowledge of business start-up strategy which will be really helpful for them in their future.