Cloud Computing and Virtualization Made Simple

By Administrator 123erty

“Cloud Computing and Virtualization are the two buzzwords that sound confusing to many. In fact, most of those who claim that they don’t understand these terms are part of the majority that uses it daily “. With this Mr. Amit Chauhan initiated his talk for the session on Cloud Computing and Virtualization for MBA-ITBM students of batch 2016-18. Mr. Amit Chauhan is the senior manager of Research and Development department of EMC software and has 16 years of work experience.
Mr. Amit started by talking about how he got into the terrene of Cloud Computing and Virtualization. The session gradually evolved from the basic understanding of cloud computing to the technology driving the cloud. He gave thorough understanding on cloud computing, including servers, storage and applications that are delivered through internet, on demand pay per use.
After a comprehensive discussion on cloud computing, he shifted towards the storage and data centres. As the lecture ran into a final stage, he explained the concept of virtualization, OS partitioning and containerization, hypervisor and other tools involved.
Mr. Amit, with his keen business and technology acumen managed to keep the lecture interesting and advised us to become a specialist, by digging deep in one particular domain. This session imparted much needed practical business knowledge to the students.