And the journey begins…..

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Published On: July 8, 2015Categories: Student's Blog0 Comments on And the journey begins…..

Well today’s my induction program at scit and I am  in my room on the seventh floor at the girls hostel , I came a day before to induction to get the look and feel of my new college scit . Anyways today’s the induction ceremony and as usual I am getting late . I hurried to the auditorium thinking that I am late but luckily was on time and the ceremony was about to start. I was so excited , its the first time I am gonna have hostel life and first time I will be away from my parents  . I have so much expectations from this place and with the speech of our director I knew I am at the right place and all that I expect or even more is about the get fulfilled .We were welcomed to scit and post lunch were introduced to our faculties . The best thing I found was you could see same enthusiasm among the faculty as in students .The first day at scit was really overwhelming for me I had too much information about scit to digest but I knew it will be fun as the journey I have been waiting for begins .I made lot of new friends on the first day of scit itself , I met people from different states ,some from my state they all were so amicable. After making friends attending induction ceremony the next day we were introduced to our subjects and believe me I was awed by the variety of courses that scit has to offer, that day I spend on contemplating what needs to be selected but then could not come up with something certain so I gave up the thought and went to sleep in order to get the best of the next day outbound program at “surya shibir”.I would just say the experience at surya shibir  was “WOW” I never had so much of learning and so much of fun together .We started at 7:00 am ,I again met some more new people we played lots of games and had lot of fun till we reached surya shibir, we did our breakfast there and went to trekking ,then we had chillax at night were individuals showed their talents , next day we were asked to do various activities  and the best part was each and every activity taught you something .The two day tour was very exhausting but at the same time gave you a lot of experience and knowledge . I felt privileged to be a part of this college who has unique way of imparting knowledge to its students. Since the outbound program each day has a lot to offer at scit and so I say to myself “On Your Mark” “Get Set” and “Go”…