A Quarter full of Freshness

By Administrator 123erty

Its been a memorable journey here since day one at SCIT. Looking down the memory lane makes u realize that its been above five months since we all came together and made a big happy family called as SCIT 15-17 batch.
In those very early days of excitement the happy family went to its first major activity trip called the Suryashibir. The kind of team building activities which we performed together, were mostly firsts for me as an individual. At the end of the trip, one could realize the importance of each and every small game we played or a group task we performed together.
Meanwhile we had a brilliant foundation week in the college as we had sessions on how to solve case studies, basics of economics, book reviews and a few fun games organized in the sports arena.
The journey continued and the next station was Samaarambh, a place where all the cultural enthusiasts got a chance to showcase their talent in front of all the faculties, our own batch mates and a few seniors who were equally excited for our performances. We had all the varieties ranging from dance & band performance to play and mimicry.
Around the end of second month, we had another set of exciting things coming our way and they have probably been the most instrumental non academic tool which has contributed to our learning. You might have guessed it till now, its all the core and student driven committees. These committees combined together, gives a 360-degree learning and experimenting opportunity for all. All the members of the big happy family showed great interest in all the various committees and almost everyone settled in a few of them.
Then the next part of being a part of these committees was to plan for their respective flagship events and performances.
The major events included iTELF’s SproutiT, Team Matrix’s CSAM, World Around Us by Drishtikon, Play’s from Eklavya, some wonderful Guest Lectures by the Guest Lectures Committee, Independence Cup and the Fresher’s Party by the Sports and Cultural Committee, The ISR summit by ISR and last but not the least blogs, live tweets, photography, website designing and much more by my very own Web and Media Committee.
Sounds good, isn’t it?
Frankly speaking the best part of this journey till now has been the challenge to bring a balance between the academics and the co curricular activities.
Let’s move on and talk about the real business now, the Academics. Choosing SCIT for me was a crucial decision because I always wanted to save that IT part in my professional career. Coming to this college has really given me the full worth of my investment.
The best part which I like about the curriculum here is the perfect blend of any general MBA course taught all around the country, with the special focused approach towards some fantastic IT courses. The methodology of teaching which includes case write ups, mini projects with a group, individual presentations and continuous evaluations helps in the holistic development.
While I write this blog today, the batch has marched forward to the next quarter and coming up are some more exciting and challenging tasks ahead.
The batch has now matured as a family, acquaintances have developed into strong bondings of friendship and brotherhood and success for one has been the cause of smiles of many, and grand celebrations of Onam, Ganesh Utsav, Durga Pooja and Navratri has served as a way to interact and know people from other colleges residing in the same campus and enjoy together.
With this I would like to take a long pause and return with the second edition of this series, after the end of the first year, a blog titled “A glass half full of Happiness and half full of Expectations”.