By Administrator 123erty

My first day at SCIT was an important event for me. I already had a glimpse of college life from my grad school which I miss already. So again a new hostel as well as a college life was a complete new beginning for me, which I thought won’t happen again but as they say everything is unpredictable. So here I was dreading for my first day in college on 6th June.
Before the start of the session, I made amazing friends from almost all the different parts of India and it was great to know that almost everyone was as nervous as me. Sure it helps to known that everyone is in the same boat. Anyways, letting go of some of the anxiety with a bit relief and enthusiasm I made my way towards the first session.
The session started with an introduction group activity in which through a chit system we need to interact with the person whose name was in the chit, which was quite fun. The next activity was based on the same lines, but included interacting with ten people and writing something to describe them. The next tasks were based on complete teamwork, entertainment and fun. The games seem to a bit childish but helped us realize to work in groups like following a set of instructions , jumping through a loop of thread from one person to another without breaking the chain. Although my group didn’t win but that wasn’t the point, the point was to help us work in group while taking everyone together and planning a strategy.
The next task was to remove our left footwear get it misplaced and then finding the owner of the footwear and stand in a circle while wearing that odd set of shoes so our footwear match next to the person who has the shoe. It was a hilarious situation since everyone couldn’t stop laughing. One of the tasks was to balance a ball with the help of two strings in such a way that the tension between the strings is to be maintained and soon as it reached a bucket the ball has to be dropped which quite frankly required a lot more of concentration between the team members. Another activity was we were divided in group of five and we had to follow a group of instructions set by our team leader which included all different kind of hand gestures, moving , rowing a boat etc., . The last activity of the day was blowing up a balloon and then using the air inside it to trace a cup for completing a track.
So, with these amazing fun filled activities the end of the session came. But this only gave a chance to make new friend, learn from the activities, make mistakes, have fun and interact with all kind of people. As they say first day is just the trailer, the movie is yet to begin. But since the promo was such a nice experience I hope that the next two years are as good as the experience we had on our first day.