A halcyon escape to Surya Shibir

By Administrator 123erty

A beautiful morning and an entertaining bus trip , i knew it is going to be a good day ahead. I met new people ,made friends within a very short span of time when we went for a trek. It was a 10 Km trek, tiring but all compensated by clicking lots of selfies and pictures with new pals, we had blueberries at the hill top and it completely energized us.This was the time were people helped each other to climb and came closer to know each other.A nice experience indeed. Our next task was very interesting where we had to draw the caricature and interview new mates ,so this was again something where we explored other people.We had dinner and an entertaining show by our fellow mates where they danced, sang and did lots of stuff. The next day was way more interesting and exciting than the previous one where we had different activities ,mind games and group tasks which simply made my day. I really had a wonderful time staying at Surya Shibir where we had nothing to bother us ,free from the city life ,indulged in exploring others and ourselves, peaceful stay surrounded by nature so thanks to our college SCIT and Surya Shibir team to organize this trip with amazing experiences and memories.